My last day in the hospital…

“Alright, I guess you’re done for the day, well actually for the rest of your college career.” I grab my coat off the back of the door, swing it over my shoulders and slid my arms through the sleeves.  I start my walk to the elevators.  As I’m walking a realization hits me, I will never return to this hospital as a student nurse, I will never again have to wear blue and gold strips on my sleeves, and the next time I walk into a hospital it will be for an interview (hopefully).  I don’t walk at the usual quick pace that I am accustomed to; I want to take it all in.  I hear the banter and laughter of the nursing assistances at the nurse’s station, I can hear the beeping of an IV pump indicating the fluids are almost out, I can hear the unmistakable sound of a call light going off; all of these things that I won’t hear again until I have a job.   Once I get to the elevators I hit the down button and wait for the ding of an arriving elevator.  I spin around slowly and whisper a soft goodbye to the floor where I learned to venture out on my own; I transitioned from being a nursing student to a nurse.  I learned when to call for Rapid Response, when to question what a doctor orders, how to handle lots of needy patients and how to be the nurse I want to be.  There is no one around during all this contemplation and when the elevator arrives there is no one in there either. The hospital seems oddly at peace, but I’m sure that some where commotion is going on.  I hit the 1st floor button and ride to the bottom, picking no one up along the way.  I walk again slowly through the atrium, remembering all the times that I have walked through here heading to a new and exciting floor.  I particularly remember my first ride to the 6th floor on my very first day of clinicals in the hospital.  Thankfully I met up with a few of my fellow class mate in the parking lot and we all walked nervously into the hospital, when we passed through the atrium we were all so nervous and excited.  We had no idea what to expect.  If I could I would love to relive it all over again, or at least watch it and see how much I’ve grown over the last 4 years.  I pass by the hostess stand where so many times I had to stop and ask for directions.  I turn right and head straight winding through the halls that I have walked through so many times before. It seems bitter sweet, but perfect too because I am experiencing my last moments in the hospital by myself, knowing that in this hospital I learned how to be independent.  I turn left out to the Spring Street Exit and the hostess sitting at the door says “Goodbye, Have a great day!”  I turn and smile back, because I know I will.  I am celebrating 4 years in the making I’m going to be a Registered Nurse, Woo Hoo!!!!!

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