A Moment of Peace…

The work is done…

The house is clean…

The dogs are tired…

The cat is napping…

The time is slowing…

The night is approaching…

The stress is decreasing…

The breath is slowing…

The world is quieter…

The time to stop and enjoy a moment of peace is now


Listening to O.K. (you are not alone) by Cee Cee Michaela


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Thoughts of a Marine Girlfriend.

It’s the constant unknown,

When will he come home next,

Will I get to see him before he leaves,

When will I get to hold him and hug him and kiss him again.


What if something happens,

How can I be strong,

How can I not be strong,

Does he know how much I really love him.


I cry when it hurts,

And it hurts most of the time,

Except when we are together,

Those are the best times of my life.


When will he be safely home,

I wish I knew the unknowns,

I know he is my future,

I could never give this up.

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The Art of Someday!

Someday I want to write a book!

Someday I want to build my own home!

Someday I want to move to New Mexico or Arizona!

Someday …P1050069

Someday …

Someday …

So I have made a revelation!!! All most everyone I know lives in the time of Someday!! I was sitting around with my friends the other day, and we were talking. I swear during the conversations I heard each person use the phrase “Someday I …” It just made me wonder does anyone ever really get what they want with their someday wishes. I have a lot of plans but they all start with someday!!! And I figure if I can find someone that has completed their someday plans then there is in fact hope for me. I know that it is all in your head and you can do anything you put your mind to, blah, blah, blah; and every other cliché in the book. Is it possible to get everything you ever somedayed??? I’m sure I just made up that word, in fact I just turned someday into a verb, so please don’t get me grammar police I know you’re out there. Someday I want to get back up on a horse; this someday is a little bit more plausible. Really how hard is it to get back on a horse? The Someday I want to build my own home; maybe not so much. You might not think so, but you see I want a house with secret passage ways, a hidden room, and a secret garden!!! Yea that one’s a little tougher to get to, but someday … See look I didn’t even mean to say it and I said it!!!! Jeez! What is that??? So I guess all I really want to know is, has anyone ever gotten to that Someday??? Please let me know, it will give me the hope I need!! (Please feel free to comment!!)

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