Idiots Guide to Proposals!

Ok so this weekend I was out with my boyfriend’s friends and one of them is about to ask his girlfriend to marry him.  He was planning on asking at Christmas time in front of a lot of people, but apparently his girl friend happened to mention how cheesy that was.  Now he has no idea what to do and he asked me what I thought.  I am sure that there are a lot of guys out there that are about to ask there wonderful girlfriends to marry them and don’t know how to do it.  I hope that this will help you out.

Christmas and New Years are probably the cheesy way to ask a girl to marry you.  It’s uninventive, typical and not very romantic.  This is the person that we are hopefully going to spend the rest of our lives with.  The proposal will tell us how much effort you are planning on putting into the future relationship.  I’m not saying that it has to be large and extravagant, but it definitely should be memorable.  If you can remember a particularly romantic moment in your relationship and recreate it says that you remember the important things by remembering the little things too.  It says that you are creative and romantic and will be throughout the rest of your lives.

I like most girls are only planning on getting married ones and I know that I want to remember this one proposal for a lifetime.  I remember the weekend that my boyfriend first told me he loved me.  We were at the beach for the weekend, in the exact same room that we had the first time we came to the beach and we were standing out on the balcony when he told me he loved me.  Recreating that would be a memorable scene.  That same weekend one of those mornings we were out on the balcony and at the next hotel over someone had gotten up early and written Shelly will you marry me in the sand below I’m sure their room.  I would find that very romantic

Creating a memorable proposal doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.  Pick a favorite place that you both like to visit, recreate your very first date, or take her on a walk down memory lane.  If Christmas is a favorite moment in your relationship then yes it is acceptable to propose at Christmas.  It doesn’t have to be a long speech but it shouldn’t be too short either.  I want to know why you want to marry me.  I may already know that I want to do it, but I still want to know why you want to too.

Don’t by any means be offended by my blog about proposing, I am not engaged nor married currently, I am not a professional or an expert on proposals.  However, I am a girl that like many other girls thinks about the way that she would like to be proposed to.  You don’t have to take any of what I say to heart if you don’t want to.  It takes a lot of courage to ask someone to marry you and I respect that.  I know that like most things if there is something that I can’t get an idea for I search for it on the internet and maybe this will help a few guys get one girls perspective on proposals.

The Art of Someday!

Someday I want to write a book!

Someday I want to build my own home!

Someday I want to move to New Mexico or Arizona!

Someday …P1050069

Someday …

Someday …

So I have made a revelation!!! All most everyone I know lives in the time of Someday!! I was sitting around with my friends the other day, and we were talking. I swear during the conversations I heard each person use the phrase “Someday I …” It just made me wonder does anyone ever really get what they want with their someday wishes. I have a lot of plans but they all start with someday!!! And I figure if I can find someone that has completed their someday plans then there is in fact hope for me. I know that it is all in your head and you can do anything you put your mind to, blah, blah, blah; and every other cliché in the book. Is it possible to get everything you ever somedayed??? I’m sure I just made up that word, in fact I just turned someday into a verb, so please don’t get me grammar police I know you’re out there. Someday I want to get back up on a horse; this someday is a little bit more plausible. Really how hard is it to get back on a horse? The Someday I want to build my own home; maybe not so much. You might not think so, but you see I want a house with secret passage ways, a hidden room, and a secret garden!!! Yea that one’s a little tougher to get to, but someday … See look I didn’t even mean to say it and I said it!!!! Jeez! What is that??? So I guess all I really want to know is, has anyone ever gotten to that Someday??? Please let me know, it will give me the hope I need!! (Please feel free to comment!!)

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