Murder She Wrote

As I mentioned in my previous post I someday want to be a writer.  My problem is, is that I have all these great ideas but once I have them I don’t know where to go with them.  I love murder mysteries with a little bit of romance involved, but the problem is I want it to be different and new.  Honestly how many times can you write a story where someone gets killed and an uninvolved party solves the case?  That was always my problem with Murder She Wrote (my mom loves that show), that poor woman couldn’t even go visit a family member without someone dropping dead.  And evenmurdershewrote when the police are trying to solve it, she just happens to see something or hear something that helps her solve the case.  I mean seriously there comes a time when I just wouldn’t leave my house anymore because of all the death around me!!

So my basic problem I love murder mysteries but it has to be something new and different that people are willing to pick up and read.  I love books!!! What attracts me to a book is the Title, sadly I pick my beer and wine the same way.  It can lead to some pretty sticky situations.  Janet Evanovich, who is one of my all time favorite authors!, doesn’t seem to have this problem.  In fact, she has written a 15 book murder mystery series that I can’t wait to pick up.  It’s never the same story and it’s always an interesting title.  I have read every single book that she has ever written!! How she comesone_money up with her stuff I will never know, but I hope that I can figure it out.  She always makes you laugh out loud whenever reading her books (which I should advise that you should be careful when reading her books in public because of the side effect of random out bursts of laughter.) I think that laughter is an important element in the writing but you can’t try to be funny or it ends up coming across as fake, it should be natural and just flow from you.  I think that I am a pretty funny person but having it come across in my writing is difficult.  I’m working on my writing and I think I will post some sample of my writing to hopefully get some feedback.  If you looking for a great read One for the Money by Janet Evanovich is a good one!!

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Statement 1

So this is the first blog that I have ever written! I love to write so I thought that this might be a great way to get me in the swing of writing.  I have always wanted to write a book and I think this might be a great way to figure out what I like to write about and what I want to write about and what people might like to read.  I by no means think that I am a professional and I promise to take comments in strive so please let me know what you think.  I haven’t quite figured out what this blog will be about but that is why I named it so.  It’s nonsensical!!  One day it might be a short story and the next it might be a philosophical statement on life.  Who knows!!!  I just hope it won’t be boring!!!!  I make no promises that it will interesting though!!  Sorry!!  I love to laugh so I will try to make you laugh or smile at least once in each blog!!  Lets see where this takes us!!!!!!!  ( Yes I love you use my !!!!!, Bite Me ok!!!!!)

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