SO Sex Sells!!!

Ok so I occasionally take a look at the list of the Fastest Growing Blogs, and well today I noticed that one of them was titled “Free Download Video Prono.”  No wonder is was one of the fastest growing, probably most of the people click on it to get copy_of_FreePornthe free download and then it is something else.  I don’t know cause I didn’t click on it.  But that got me thinking.  I went through the statistics on my blog and the most read blog I had written was “What’s wrong with a little romance?” It got 21 hsex_sells_women_cits the first day that it was posted and it was the only one that I have comments on.  Because of the tags I have on it, the most commonly clicked tag is Playboy for that article.  It’s kind of sad that the only way to get people to read a blog is to somehow work sex into the title or blog or just tag it.  In fact maybe that’s what I should do just tag every blog with sex.  Then I might also be one of the fastest growing blogs.  Anyway just a few thoughts of mine.  Enjoy the rest of you day!!!

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The Art of Someday!

Someday I want to write a book!

Someday I want to build my own home!

Someday I want to move to New Mexico or Arizona!

Someday …P1050069

Someday …

Someday …

So I have made a revelation!!! All most everyone I know lives in the time of Someday!! I was sitting around with my friends the other day, and we were talking. I swear during the conversations I heard each person use the phrase “Someday I …” It just made me wonder does anyone ever really get what they want with their someday wishes. I have a lot of plans but they all start with someday!!! And I figure if I can find someone that has completed their someday plans then there is in fact hope for me. I know that it is all in your head and you can do anything you put your mind to, blah, blah, blah; and every other cliché in the book. Is it possible to get everything you ever somedayed??? I’m sure I just made up that word, in fact I just turned someday into a verb, so please don’t get me grammar police I know you’re out there. Someday I want to get back up on a horse; this someday is a little bit more plausible. Really how hard is it to get back on a horse? The Someday I want to build my own home; maybe not so much. You might not think so, but you see I want a house with secret passage ways, a hidden room, and a secret garden!!! Yea that one’s a little tougher to get to, but someday … See look I didn’t even mean to say it and I said it!!!! Jeez! What is that??? So I guess all I really want to know is, has anyone ever gotten to that Someday??? Please let me know, it will give me the hope I need!! (Please feel free to comment!!)

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Drawn to Distraction

I have ADD and I am an avid animal lover.  SO when I read a book that has a dog in it, I am definitely in to it!!! Well I just finished reading a book and in this book the women gets kidnapped! While she’s walking her dog!!!.  I am sorry but after that scene knowing they didn’t take the milo-and-otis2dog, all I could think about was where is the dog!!  Please someone go back for the dog!! (Yes I am well aware that this is a book.)  I don’t think that I paid attention to anything that was said until the guy sent someone to find the dog.  I wonder if this happens to other people as well.  I do it with movies too.  I will fast forward to make sure that the animal will be ok.  But if a person is in that same situation I just keep watching.  Is something wrong with me?  I mean I cannot watch that Milo and Otis movie cause it is just too much for me.  Also that movie Homeward Bound, even though I know that everything will turn out ok because I’ve seen it before. I just can’t!!  This book that I was reading was a Vampire book so it had a lot of interest but all I could think about was WHERE WAS THE DOG!!!!  There was this movie I saw on tv, I can’t rememeber the name but this woman had two weimarane0810091315-00r dogs.  The woman, the dogs, oh and the other people that were with them had to go under water and swim to get out of this place.  The people and the woman came up but the dogs didn’t make it.  (I started crying, Yes that’s right!) Then the woman went to save them, the dogs came back up but the woman died. (I didn’t shed a tear for her.) Seriously is there something wrong with me!!!!!!  In case you didn’t know I do have a dog and a cat.  They entertain my life, along with the books.  I can’t help that I have a huge soft spot in my heart for animals!!  So I guess you could say that I am easily drawn to distraction!!!

If you can be a sex-addict why can’t you be a book-addict?

I learned something about myself today.  I thought it was pretty interesting.  I have been going through somethings in the last couple days and I needed to escape.  So what did I do, I picked up a book to read and a world to escape into.  I love reading! I can’t help it and I wonder if people have the same thoughts.  I actually think that it is an addiction.  If you can be a sex-addict why can’t you be a book-addict?

I constantly find myself escaping from my world to get into a good book.  Whenever I am lonely I find company in the characters I read about.  Whenever I am bored there is always something interesting to find in a book.  And whenever I need a good cry I can just pick up a book and cry it out along with the other characters.  I’m not crazy I swear, but this is the passion I that I have for books.  I get so tired of people saying that they’d rather watch a movie because it takes less time.  Puleease!!!  You are just too lazy to use your own imagination that is needed when reading a book.

This is why I want to write! I want to be able to allow some one to escape for just a little while.  I want some one to read my books and feel the same way I feel about the books I read.  I can’t guarantee that I’ll be a great writer but I will try my best.  I have to try and see what I can do.  I think that my passion for reading comes from the fact that I almost couldn’t read! Reading changed my life. Through wonderfully observant parents and teachers, I was identified as having dyslexia. I was tested for it and received help from the school system to get treated. I could not read until the second grade. I spent a summer going to Furman University, having a private tutor, and getting tutored in school. There were many privileges because of my dyslexia; longer time on tests, a person how would fill in my answer sheet for me so I didn’t put the wrong thing, and many other privileges. You are never fully cured from dyslexia; it stays with you all your life. I still catch myself reading the numbers backwards or writing down the wrong letters, I always have a little anxiety about reading aloud in class, because it is so hard for me. Since I learned to read you almost never find me without a book I am currently reading. So now you can understand why I think reading is so special.

When people ask me if I have ever read a book that changed my life I simply say yes. I have read so many that have changed my life it would take all day to explain which ones and why. The important part in reading is finding a book that you enjoy. Mystery, Horror, Drama, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Historical, Romance; as long as you enjoy reading it, it really doesn’t matter what it’s about. Reading can teach you new words, new cultures, new ideas and new things you never knew about yourself.

I love to inspire people to read, because it is so important to me. Whenever I can, I try and get a new person into a good book. A good book, if written well can help you explore your own emotions. A good book can make you laugh (go ahead and laugh out loud its ok) one chapter and tear up the next. A good book can help to develop your imagination; you can picture exactly what is happening in the book. I know that when I have a good book nothing can stop me from reading it, I am right in there beside the main character. A good book will change your life, even if it’s a small change.

* This is one of those tangents that I was talking about!!!

What Can I Say I am a BOOK WORM!!!

Ok so I definitely learned something yesterday.  Write about sex and anyone will read what you have to say.  So many people read my posting but how many read it because of what it said and how many it read because of the title, tags or the fact that it had sex in it.  I’m just curious because it makes me wonder. How do I follow that up?

But not just this one, anything.  How do authors come up with the next book in a series? How do they keep writing stories that make you want to keep picking up the books?  Some of the authors, that I enjoy,  write in the same series but instead of writing the same character they write from different character’s prospective.  In some ways I reKatie MacAlisterally like that, you never get tired of reading how the same person gets stuck in the same situation.  But in other ways I really want to know what’s going on with the original character.

Katie MacAlister as done something interesting, she has written about a “world*” and writes four books following this character through it.  Then she has switched and is writing about another character going through this same “world*”, while still interacting some with the previous character so that you know a little bit about what’s going on with the first character she wrote about.

I love series books because I get so involved in the characters that I that I get really into the world around them and through a series I get to see more and more into that world.  What can I say I am a BOOK WORM!!!!

* = I say world because I don’t know how better to phrase it.

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Statement 2

I thought that maybe I should clear up a what I want this blog to be about.  I have hopes in someday writing a book.  However I don’t know where to begin or really what I want to write about.  SO I am using this blog as a way to bounce ideas around and get a little feed back.  I call this blog the Journal of the Nonsensical because half the time I end up going off on a tangent and then it all just makes Nonsense.  So from this statement I hope you understand that I am hoping to get comments, I really do want to hear what you have to say.  And maybe you can help me figure out where to go.  When I get more comfortable I hope to post some of the little snippets of my writing to see how it is.  But do expect Tangents because half the time I just make a whole lot of nonsense!!

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